"Best decorative finishes for your living space" Myriam's diverse collection of materials and finishes is unparelled in the area. With attributes from highly aesthetic finishes to best materials, Myriam offers the ultimate collection in selection. Home is where we spend the bulk of our time with loved ones. Why not make that home as plush and comfortable as it can be? Let Myriam transform your living spaces into a showpiec that anyone would be proud to show. When you consult with Myriam, let her creative imagination take you ona journey you never could imagine for your family and your home.

Our Advantages

  • Onsite Consultation
  • Myriam's Personal Touch
  • All work done in-house
  • We use the finest paints and finishes
  • Multi discipline styles
  • Range of textures and finishes to customize
  • Increased Home Value
  • Personal touch that lasts a lifetime